Polyclinic: Cheaper but…

We are among the lucky ones to have such a place for us to be treated and get consulted when we need to. Polyclinic: for all young and old. Even babies are brought here as early as a few days old to monitor for their jaundice level.

We see quite a crowd everyday. It’s been told that every Monday and Saturday will be packed with patients. Expect to see your doctor as long as 3-4 hours from the moment you’ve reached. No matter how much you sigh and grumble, you are still seated or standing, and then seated again, again and again and again. You do have a choice, but still, polyclinic is your number 1choice.

Is it really that cheap/cheaper/cheapest? Or there are other reasons to why we love our polyclinic so much? I would assume that perhaps they have our records since God knows when we 1st came here.

Patients being impatient? I’m kind of used to it. I am more tolerant when I am not the patient. My kids or wife are the reasons to why I am here. If I am the one seeking treatment and I know that I don’t have the energy to slouch on the hard and rigid plastic chair, I would pay a little extra for the private clinic.

We do need to look for alternatives and of course not just the alternatives medicine but look around for cheaper private clinic. I bet we can still find consultations as low as $15 and together with medicines such as for fever and flu, reaching to the max of $30. $25 however, would sound decent.

I could spend about $20 when I visit the polyclinic. Plus the amount of time spent here, I could add invisible $20 to it. 2 hours on non peak period seems busy to me. How long would it take to see a doctor at a private clinic?

Honestly, I don’t remember the old OPDs take such a long time as it today at the polyclinics. Systems do changed but funny how, time waiting gets longer. Are these patients civil servants? Are they really ill? Are they just going after the medical certificates? I wonder.

Well, I would put it this way. If all my kids, both of them that is, and my wife were to see the doctor, then it would be definitely cheaper. Worth it? I wonder.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Anyway, I am at the polyclinic still waiting for the doctor, 3 hours now, still waiting…..

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