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Running a business is always easy if you are independent, self sufficient, knowledgeable and discipline. However, it is not for everyone. Seriously, if you are so used to wait for instructions and delegations, you can never be running your own business. It will never move.

I believe there are many of business owners who are still hesitant to move on to the next level. Privatising their businesses, getting other people to do some of the job, or simply, allowing employees to see the business trades and secrets and risking the duplicates of the specific styles and tricks of his nature of business. Of course it is nice to see the company’s name ending with a Pte Ltd but honestly, for me personally, I still wonder how can one-man-operation business owner like me, can operate a company.

All companies are businesses but not all businesses are companies. Getting the right partners, managers and employees, is never simple. We have seen how employees breached the company’s trust and how for granted they took the company for. For me personally, if I could, clone myself to be the management, to the sales and crew, I would. It is never easy though to get anyone who would think and feel just like you do, because, it is never their business nor their company.

There are so many of them who kept on influencing me to “upgrade” my business to be a Pte Ltd company but still I can not get out of my comfort zone. As a sole proprietor, I do not have to keep a minimum sum in my business bank account unlike any other privatise companies who must meet a minimum sum between $10,000 to $50,000 in their account or they will have to pay some penalty charges starting from $50/month. Also, auditing is compulsory. Engaging an auditor cost you monies too.

Of course, who doesn’t want a building of their own, with a company and staffs that walks in every morning and leave every evening, making sure the company consistently makes money! You’ll probably be off for some coffee with some other CEOs of other companies for the morning and afternoon, knowing that your company is still generating income for you. Well, the only way for that to happen is, making the staffs feel good working there. Loyal staffs are hard to come by these days.

The nature of my business is solely run by me, myself and I. Occasionally I do get help from my wife and a freelancer who gets paid per job. Other than that, it is me who do the sales, consultation, execution, deliveries, talent, and hardly, after sales service. It is sad not being able to answer enquiries on time, especially when I am on shift for my freelancing on air duties at Warna 94.2fm. In the wee hours of the morning, or perhaps late night shifts, would simply mean that the business will be shut in the day. If I were to cover radio conty duties for two weeks, that would simply means, a fortnight or half a month of business shut down!

Besides hosting by me personally, I do the entire production myself. I do the sales for commercial productions, I do the consultation, I write the script, I direct the shots, I man the camera, I fix and setup the lights and settings, I edit the videos, I deliver it for post production and I personally deliver it to the broadcasting stations. Now, how many posts do I hold just for this part of the business? Well, perhaps if hosting is not their thing, I would supposed that one of these position should be held by other people. However, to do things right, or to get things done, you have to do it yourself! No one cares about anything that you care about, other than yourself. So, meanwhile, I will be doing these things myself. For now.

I simply wish that one day, I can find somebody, who can seriously be trusted, who can manage and do at least half the things I do. Of course, if that works, he/she can be my trusted manager who can also engage and employ other workers to run the business better. My ideal company would be, a well paid manager, of course a team of good sales and account executives and other important crews and staffs that ensures the company continues to excel and generate income not just for the company but for the future of everybody. Am I asking too much?

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March 6th, 2012



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