Isn’t it cool to have such a long weekend? Chinese New Year it is for the chinese, holidays it is for me. Even though I’ll be working as Zan later in the afternoon, it is never the same, working during the holidays, and, I get to entertain those enjoying their holidays. Good thing to be working, and shops are all closed, hmm maybe for some but a good excuse not to spend. Save as much, spend as little as possible, laze and catch up with readings, doing the things I’ve had always wanted, chill at home.
I’m always impressed by those who have nothing much to do, sit infront of their computer and blog hop, chats, e-shopping, surfing the net for hours and hours, watching youtube, doing nothing but internet.
For the mediacorp staffs, it is a super long holidays. For those working 8 to 5, are to clear their leaves this week till next. For those 24/7, presenters and tech crews, still goes on like any other days. However, they will have to replace it with offs, or claiming offs, on top of the shut downs and force leaves.
So, what can I do? Hmm.. Enjoy those free days.
Anyway, it is the eclipse of the sun. Catching it in a while before my duty.

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  1. i stared at the sun for an hour and nothing happened, except that after a while, my eyes died. everything looked purple to me. hahahaha.

    and wish i had some work to do too. i am currently one of those who do “nothing but the internet” and it’s getting tiring. ):

    anyway, take care abang!

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