What will happen to our aunties in the future?

I was at the polyclinic yesterday. Very interestingly, I can still see the “helpers” made of mostly aunties and a makcik, helping patients from the very entrance till the point you are at the waiting area to see the consultant. I was and have always been puzzled by the nature of their job, wondering if they are told to do so, or just based on their initiatives.

Look around and observe. Because of technology, companies are making a lot more by cutting man power. In radio, we call it OMO, (One Man Operation). Previously, there were an engineer, in-charge for the technical area such as sound mixing. A dj however, will play music, an announcer will do the talking and the newscaster will be reading the news. Now, a producer/presenter will have to do it all.

I am pretty concerned thinking about the staffs and our elderly who are still hoping for an iron rice bowl. It does not seem like it will happen anymore. Only in certain industries and companies, they can survive. In the transportation business for an example, we do not see the conductor anymore. The one that issues out ticket and to him that we pay. Now, one man operation took away his job. The Bus Driver.

How about barrier operated parking spaces? We will expect lesser parking attendants too. Definitely they cost a lot cheaper as compared to paying individual attendants. What will their future hold?

Going back to the polyclinic, it will only takes someone to say stop, and all these aunties will be out of job. Imagine, they are the ones helping you scan your appointment cards or ICs, when the auto machine is already so friendly, they will click for you on the touch screen computer when you can read and touch yourselves, they announce the numbers on the big screen when you actually can read it yourselves too.

Good thing though, as long as there are illiterate and helpless old folks around that can’t read or are afraid of technologies, these aunties will continue to stay in the polyclinic. I hope they will remain because the computer and the machines don’t smile back at you.

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  1. Very true indeed. Soon all the auntie and makcik will all be the educated and do not wish to work anymore, not even as a cleaner or helper, as they have more money in the bank savings, unlike the current auntie and makcik that have to struggle and cope with the high cost of living with their small salary. But wait, how about security? Any technology that can replace the officers like me. I would say, yes and no.

    As an IT personel in a security company and also their security supervisor, i do see a lot of improvements in this industry. It used to be old uncle and pakcik doing the job. Now after the gov. revamp the industry and upgrade the security agencies & system, we are more professional. More young breeds joined us which some youngsters used to shun away from this industry reason being, not glamour… HUH?

    YES, there a lots of technology to minimize our work loads, so from 4/5 man operation per assignment now cut to 2/3 man. Companies gain by cutting cost. Security gain by using technology to minimize their work. Example, a scanning machine to scan bags and look inside rather than opening up all bags. It’s time consuming.

    But wait… we use technology to help us, NOT replace us. What if the machine failed? Manual, by the officers until the system is back up and running again. That means we need each other to work professionally as a human and efficiently as a machine.

    Now the older generations are being trained, and with their experience guide the young and new officers how to handle situations etc. And in some cases, human interaction and intervention required instead of using robots to stop / handcuff people. What if the robber or offender attack the robot? Can he be charged in court? It will become a messy situation and a messy system altogether.

    One thing for sure, i always support gov. projects to upgrade & upskill the elders so that they can continue working with better pay. Even now securty have auntie and makcik working with us.. So now we have all races, religion, sex, ages working together like a family. Imagine working with people we call mummy, daddy, sister, brother. It makes us happy to come to work.

    And looking back and now.. i won’t regret being a security. And the service will continue until i have stabilize my own company and most probably serve in security as part time or relief officers working once a while when needed.

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